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    The Austrian trio Quetsch `n´ Vibes has made it their mission to export the instrument of their native country – the Styrian accordion – into a variety of musical styles and combine it with instruments that are uncommon in folk music including vibraphone, marimba, handpans, mbira, and the singing saw. From arrangements of Viennese music from the era of Johann Strauss to Johann Sebastian Bach and Georges Bizet to their own compositions: Quetsch `n´ Vibes provides a diverse musical kaleidoscope in which the Styrian accordion has found a new home far beyond its natural habitat.

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  • Zwischen Zwei Welten

    Zwischen Zwei Welten

    Quetsch ‘n’ Vibes combines diverse musical worlds. Traditional folk music, embodied by the styrian harmonica, coalesces masterfully with the jazzy sounds of the vibraphone, the earthiness of the marimba, and many other exotic instruments. This encounter releases a stream of new sounds and colours, on which the trio skillfully navigates this diverse musical terrain.

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  • Symphonic Kernöl

    Symphonic Kernöl

    “Symphonic Kernöl” is a joint project involving the bands Quetschklampfa and Quetsch ‘n’ Vibes, and the alumni orchestra of the Music High School in Graz. Under the baton of Tsai-Ju Lee, the players move through diverse musical worlds.

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  • Kernöl on the Road

    Kernöl on the Road

    Six young musicians who have set themselves the challenge of bringing the styrian harmonica right out of its comfort zone and into new musical territory – a combined project of the duo Quetsch ‘n’ Vibes and the quartet Quetschklampfa. A colourful programme of original compositions and freshly interpreted folk music. Grounded, exciting and innovative!

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